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POCKETLuberBP 50 Caliber
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This is the .50 cal version of our Plains Bullets which offer greater bearing surface areas for improved accuracy. It also features a two diameter design for easy loading. Fits most traditional .50 cal muzzleloaders

A lightweight bullet designed for use in 50 Calibers such as the 50-70 and 56-50.

Introducing the POCKETLuberBPTM bullet luber Never before has the muzzloader black powder shooting and hunting sports become more popular. For hunters, the desire to hunt like our early setters did with original and replica Flint Lock and Percussion Cap rifles and pistols, provides the challenge of a one shot-one chance fair game harvest. Civil War Reenactments, long range Black Powder Cartridge bench rest shooting competions and Cowboy Action shooting competitions are one of America's favorite pass times amongst shooting sports enthusiasts. The POCKETLuberBPTM offers a convenient solution to lubing and loading rounds quickly and conveniently at home or in the field. Add your favorite lube in the lube reservoir, insert your muzzleloader cast minies, maxies or conicals, black powder cartridge cast, CAS shooting or other cast projectiles for an economical pressure feed tool to fill your lube grooves, plus makes a handy holder in the field. High quality Precision CNC Machined T6061 Aircraft Aluminum, available in all popular sizes from 32 caliber up to 58 Caliber. Comes with a convenient black velvet drawstring pouch. ***Please disregard the Amazon "Estimated" shipping time. We ship the NEXT business Day, USPS Priority® Flat Rate and you should have your order in 2-3 business days...!